Otafuku Pearl

Otafuku pearls
bring a smile to your life

~With traditional techniques~



Date: Sunday, September 3, 2023
Location: 6-4 Tatemachi, Naka Ward, Hiroshima 730-0032
Store: Shinkawa Jewelry Hondori Store 2F

※Details will be announced on the website and SNS as soon as they are decided.

JJA Jewelry Design Award 2023

Special Award Japan Pearl Promotion Association Chairman's Award

Title of work / To tomorrow of hope

The symbol of peace, the origami crane, and the mizuhiki, which means never to repeat itself, express hope for tomorrow in the world of harmony.

Image: JJA Jewelry Design Award 2023 Works

Japan Jewelry Fair 2023

8.30 (Wed)-9.1 (Fri)

Exhibiting at the 2023 Japan Jewelry Fair with a subsidy from the Hiroshima City Industrial Promotion Center

What is Otafuku Pearl?

Introduction of craftsmen

What is Otafuku Made in JAPAN?

Products produced by Japanese traditional crafts and craftsmen To people all over the world as a product made in Japan I want to deliver a lot of good fortune with the legend of Otafuku

Otafuku List of Made in JAPAN products

Tiger pattern mokume gane The yin and yang that reflects the yin and yang thought Expressing the importance of contrasting and maintaining balance