Otafuku Pearl

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~From Hiroshima to the World
Japanese Traditional Craftsmanship from Hiroshima to the World with Peace


From Hiroshima to the world with peace

Transmit through jewelry and daily necessities, calm Setouchi and Miyajima
We would like to help create an opportunity for people to visit Hiroshima, the city of peace, and we would like to work together with craftsmen to create products that will make them feel lucky and spread them as Japanese jewelry.



Founded: 1967
Location: HEAD OFFICE 1-15-21 Aida, Asaminami Ward, Hiroshima City, Hiroshima Prefecture 731-0141
Representative Director: Kiyoe Kudo
Phone number: 082-878-6100
Number of employees: 30 full-time employees, 8 part-time employees
Business: Over-the-counter sales and wholesale of jewelry, watches, precious metals, bags, interior gifts, etc

Trademark registration 】
Trademark registration number: No. 6186354

【 Handling stores 】

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