Otafuku Pearl

Fertility of Seto

Fertility of Seto

Heike butterfly

Eliminate evil diseases

Otafuku tin Seto Inland Sea choko mouth

Back of Otafuku tin choko mouth, Otafuku seal and Inoue Yosuke seal

Hiroshima family guardian

Hiroshima Morijuen

OTAFUKU-k18 bangle

Otafuku Made in Japan Suzu Cup 04

Otafuku Made in Japan Heike Butterfly Ring

Otafuku Made in Japan Heike butterfly earrings

Setouchi's bountiful harvest

Miyajima sunrise

Hiroshima Forest

Hiroshima lotus flower

Hiroshima owl

Seto crescent moon

Glitter of Seto

Glitter of Seto


Hina dolls

Fireworks of Seto

Sunset in Seto

Hiroshima owl

Heike butterfly

Heike butterfly




Otafuku Tin Katakuchi

Seto Inland Sea

Otafuku Made in JAPAN

We create ethical and transparent products using all kinds of materials in "Setouchi", "Miyajima" and "Hiroshima" with the theme of Japanese culture and art skillfully handmade. Accessories, daily necessities, etc. Disseminate works to the world to stop the decline of Japanese precious metal craftsmen and traditional craftsmen.

Fortune gallery

Otafuku dolls that my mother, Noriko Shinkawa, has been collecting for over 45 years.
About 700 items will be on display, and we would like everyone to feel a lot of happiness through their smiles.
Smile power spot.