Otafuku Pearl

Introduction of Craftsmen

Yamaguchi Akiko

■ Graduated from Ishikawa Prefectural Wajima Lacquerware Training Institute
■ Studied under Shoichiro Tasaki, a traditional craftsman who won the Medal with Purple Ribbon in 1998
■ Selected for the Japan Traditional Art Crafts Exhibition, Japanese Traditional Lacquer Art Exhibition, Kenrokuen Grand Tea Ceremony Art Exhibition, etc

Sano Tsunenori

■ Studied under Mr. Toshihiko Fukasawa, CEO of Fukasawa, a modern master craftsman
■ Head of Koubou tsune
■ Part-time lecturer at Yamanashi Prefectural Jewelery School
■ Yamanashi Prefecture Jewelry Master Examination Committee

Ida Kazuo

■ 1st grade jewel polisher
■ Contemporary master craftsmen
■ Received Medal with Yellow Ribbon
■ Jewelry Master

Inoue Yosuke

■ JJA Jewelry Contest Crafts Division Grand Prix
■ Jewelry Design Freshman Contest First Grand Prix Award
■ Graduate School of Indiana University (USA) Completed Metalwork Department (Master of Arts)

Shinkawa Kazuma

■ After graduating from high school, worked as an apparel salesperson at a certain department store for 2 years
■ Graduated from Yamanashi Prefectural Jewelry Art College in 2019
■ Six months after joining Shinkawa Co., Ltd., he studied again under Mr. Tsunenori Sano of Kofu Koubou tsune to learn techniques
■ Launch of private brand "esprit"
■ Jewelry coordinator 3rd grade
■ Precious metal accessories production technician 3rd grade
■ Junior Jewelry Master Certification

Tahara Koushi

■ SHINKAWA Pearl buyer
■ SHINKAWA Senior Managing Director
■ Jewelry coordinator 3rd grade
■ We promise to love pearls and customers deeply